Our Coating Projects



We have applied nearly 2 million sq. feet of our coatings to metal, EPDM, Mod Bit and TPO roofs. This translates to a Water-tight system that has an Energy Star* rating, saving you $$ while giving you peace of mind. We now offer a full 5 year warranty to your truck trailer, camper, RV or Box Truck roof.

Our Energy Star* system keeps you Dry & Cool

After helping business owners for the past 40 years we decided it's time to help the Industry that keeps our country running. The trucking Industry. Not only will you have the most durable roof system in the industry, you will have a cooler cargo!

Tommy applying our coatings to a 100,000 sq foor commercial complex.

40 years of Service & 2 million feet of Coating

 We have long standing relationships with clients such as Levi Strauss, Space Center Storage and Corken Steel Products which we do work with annually. Our Energy Star* Coating System has a proven track record of over 50 years. With time tested products, knowledgeable technicians and a family oriented business we provide quality service at a fair price. We provide truck repair and roof restoration to Delivery Truck and trailer roofs in Cincinnati and Northern Ky.